Navigate the financial ebbs and flows of your import and export business with ease.

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Data Informed Insights to Help Your Business Grow

Moselle makes the data you’re already collecting smarter. By taking all your existing data and centralizing it into one digital dashboard we help you get a 360 degree view of your business instantly. And, with our industry benchmarks, we will help give you insights into how your business is tracking and where potential risks lie - all with the goal of helping you grow your business quickly.

Credit Tracking to Smooth Cash Flow

With Moselle, you can understand your customer credit risk in real-time through one glance at our easy to use dashboard.

We’ll help you quickly rate your best and worst-performing customers, and recommend strategies to change customer behaviour in order to better smooth out your cash flow.

Stay Ahead of Foreign Exchange Rates

Moselle helps you track your business across borders, logging every transaction in currencies that are relevant to you.

By providing both alerts on FX rate fluctuations and predictions around when those fluctuations are likely to happen, we’ll make the process of financial tracking easier so you can react to critical fluctuations as soon as they happen.

De-Risk Cash flow with Trade Financing

Moselle provides you with upfront advances on your receivables, freeing up your cash to allow you to buy and sell more.

Don’t lose out on business opportunities waiting to be paid what you’re owed - act today in order to grow your business.