Helping you navigate your imports and exports through insights and smart financing.

Helping Your Business Grow

Moselle is a digital platform that helps businesses involved in global trade grow and deal with financial risks. By hooking into your existing data, we can help you achieve your goals with better insights & financing.
Customer Credit Tracking
Understand your customer credit risk in real-time to bring the most impact to your business.

With Moselle, you can find out which customers are your best and worst-performing so that we can find ways to better your cash flow.

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Foreign Exchange
Stay ahead of FX rates with alerting and predictions to free you from the pain of back and forth over the phone.

Use Moselle to find out what is owed to you abroad and what are the best financing options to curb your FX risks.

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Trade Financing
Get an advance on your purchases by leveraging what is already owed to you by customers to improve cashflow.

Moselle can provide you with an upfront advance on your receivables, allowing you to buy and sell more with a click of a button.

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